Ten Years Ago…


9/11 is our generations “Kennedy assassination” but we all remember where we were and what was going on.

I was in school and remember going into Social Studies class…Mr.Wilson to be exact. Hornell High School in Hornell, NY..my hometown. I remember hearing chatter but the rumors were so unbelievable that I thought people were crazy. But we ended up watching it in social studies class on tv. We saw the second plane hit. This is happening six hours away from us and the plane in PA was rather close to home as well.

I remember the chatter all day at school and when I got home, we watched it more. My mom’s cousin died in one of the towers because he was handicapped and couldn’t make it down the stairs. I remember his picture and immediate family talking to the local news. Local police officers went down to NYC to help and people were in shock.

Thank you for everyone who sacrificed their lives and thoughts are with every family who lost someone. We will never forget. 9/11

Where were you? What’s you story?


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