So if you know me well enough, you know I have 9 tattoos. I have some you can never see unless I show you and others are obvious. Well now its time to get a tattoo for Kennedy and I am torn on what to get! It is funny because as I was writing this post, I see many people on my timeline talking about getting tattoos….it must be tattoo season haha

I don’t want to get her foot print or hand print, everybody gets those. I want something that is special for Kennedy. Corina, her godmother, suggested her birth month flower. It’s a Jonquil. It’s a nice flower, its simple and pretty. Although I find Kennedy to be the most beautiful thing on this earth, I hardly find her simple.

Let me tell you a little about her personality, yes at 6 months I wonder what 2 will bring haha. She is VERY curious. I am not just talking letting her explore because she’s a baby, she is straight up nosey. She MUST be involved in everything, if she is not, she will get mad and you will know it. She is funny. She loves when you sing to her. I sing “you are my sunshine” to her all the time. So I’m torn on what to get!

So any suggestions?!?!


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