The Scream



So a blog I follow, Scary Mommy , posted about a child having a fit on her Facebook this morning and how she was glad it wasn’t hers for once. Well I have to say I usually agree with that statement. I see kids throwing fits (I work in a kids clothing store) so sometimes I sit back and think *thank god it isn’t my kid* but Miss Kennedy will have her day…which I think is going to be sooner than later. She has the scream.

Ok so the scream is her way of being pissed at 7 months old. It is SO high pitch, I think my ears bleed. She does it when you take something away, when she thinks you are ignoring her or just because she feels like it but its extremely unpleasant. Yes, she’s our only child but I don’t think she is spoiled. I know I’m her mom but I do tell her no ( she may not fully understand) and we don’t give her everything she reaches for but I have no way to stop this scream. She is a very calm baby. She doesnt really cry unless she’s hurt and she laughs and smiles all the time. She is loving and easy going…except when shes mad!

Well I guess my day will continue with high pitch screams and beatuiful smiles.

Please let her not be a terrible toddler!


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  1. When you are that cute, it’s OK to have a little temper. My friend’s baby used to get so ANGRY, but once she learned how to speak, the tantrums went away. Now if only that would have worked with my daughter. 🙂

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