Missing you everyday



Today means its been 5 years since you left us. I miss you everyday. I think about you often. You weren’t here for the birth of my beautiful daughter and you won’t be here for my wedding next year and its so unfair. But I keep going because your not in pain anymore. I know you would be proud of me. I know you would love Anthony. Kennedy would be the perfect granddaughter. I miss you. I love you. Always. Forever. I promise Kennedy will know who you are. She will know grandma would have loved her very much and she will year stories…especially that one halloween with the milk duds. (I’m smiling thinking about it now) You will never be forgotten. Everytime I see/smell lilacs I think of you and smile. Everytime I see a hummingbird, I think of you. Oh hell, I don’t need a reason to think of you. Thank you for all you taught me. You were an amazing mom. Thank you for raising me. I love you.

RIP Joan Helen McLaughlin
August 16th,1946-October 31st, 2006


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  1. This made me cry…
    My mum died 20 years ago last month. You never forget. And I miss mine every day too. She never got to see her grandchildren either but I feel she is looking out for us all everyday.

    Funnyily enough her surname was also McLaughlin.

    Sending you love and hugs through this time.

    Mitzi x x

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