So I found this video on YouTube today randomly. It REALLY pissed me off. My blood is boiling. It was a video about her friend dying from weight loss surgery within 5 days and another friend of hers who didn’t lose weight after she got the lap band. First off…Your friend had weight loss surgery by CHOICE and she died from complications. Well guess what? ANYBODY COULD DIE IN SURGERY. They tell you that, that’s why you sign forms. My doctor’s statistics for death were less that 1% and I could have been that 1%. I started to panic on the way to the operating room, to the point where I knocked the gas mask out of the hand of the anesthesiologist. I could have died but I am thankful that I didn’t.  I am sad for her loss because no matter how someone dies, its sad. BUT don’t blame weight loss surgery because (I know this is one-sided) maybe the doctor fucked up? Maybe a nurse did? Maybe she was too overweight to have surgery? There are so many reasons for complications!!!!!!

Secondly, for your friend who didn’t lose weight after the lap band…you have to change your way of thinking and your habits or YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT. It could also be that you were too overweight for the lap band. Is weight loss surgery an easy way out? NO. Is weight loss surgery for everybody? NO. Is Lap Band for everybody? NO. Is Roux-en-y for everybody? NO. Is the Gastric Sleeve for everybody? NO. Weight loss surgery is a TOOL to help you succeed. I have been very lucky and have lost 115 lbs since my surgery in August 2009. I had Roux-en-y and that is very different from lap band. I know a few of my twitter followers who had lap band and then went on to get it reversed to the sleeve. Your doctor should point in the right direction to which surgery may be best for you. I wanted the lap band to begin with and after speaking with my doctor, I got Roux-en-y. Why? Because the lap band wasn’t for me. I listened to the doctor and his comparison of the two and realized I would never succeed in the lap band. The lap band is a slower moving process. An average of 2-4 lbs a week. I was 320 lbs, do you know how long it would have taken me to reach my current weight of 188 lbs? Yeah, I would have never succeed. And I must say…we can’t all be Bigger Loser contestants with that kind of training 8-10 hours a day because IT IS UNREALISTIC. I know there have been people to succeed from that show but most gain some/all their weight back. I have struggled and I still  struggle to make better choices in my life but if I didn’t do anything, I would not lose weight and/or gain it all back. I know people in the community have gained their weight back or struggle with the last 20 lbs and I just wish them the best in making daily choices to help get back on track but I also know these people are not blaming weight loss surgery for not keeping the weight off, etc.

I am sure I could search YouTube for videos bashing weight loss surgery but I don’t think I have ever touched on how much this pisses me off so a random video prompted this. I haven’t encountered anybody to have anything negative to say to my face so maybe that is where this anger is coming from. I just wanted to clear this up because I am a very open person. We could play 100 questions and I will answer all to my ability. I don’t hide the fact that I had Gastric Bypass or anything that has happened. The first three months after surgery? I felt like death. I couldn’t eat anything except yogurt and cottage cheese but EVERYTHING got stuck. I ended up having to get an upper GI done and they have to open up my connection so I will never say my surgery was the EASY way out. I struggle everyday to take all my vitamins, saggy skin, my body image, sweets, protein intake and portion control. I am only human but I will always be honest with my struggles.I would rather you ask me about it then speculate so if anybody reading this blog has ANY questions, even just because you want to know, ASK. I will answer them or at least give you somewhere to find the answer.

I do want to thank everybody in my life for their support. I have talked to some people and see blogs/comments/tweets about family not being ok with their choice to have surgery and I say…ROCK ON! Keep doing what you doing because you made a decision to change your life. 🙂


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