Covering My Tattoos


Ok So I have been talking about this lately and I want to clear up this whole tattoo thing. Yes, I want to cover my tattoos for our wedding in October 2012. Why? Because honestly, they are distracting. Let me clear up some responses people have given me:

1. I am not ashamed of them or worried about people seeing them. I don’t hide them ever. (I wear tank tops in the summer)

2. Yes, I am getting married in the Catholic church but it is not because of that.

3. Anthony DOES NOT think I should cover them so he has nothing to do with it.

4. I am not worried about being judged. Pfft, really? I could give two shits what people think because the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind, don’t matter!

So I couldn’t think of any more things that have been asked/said to me. I want to do it because my portrait of Marilyn Monroe is distracting. She will be facing the church I feel like she will take away from me and my dress. It is probably selfish and Anthony says I am overacting…and maybe I am but it is REALLY bothering me. We went to Sephora this weekend for them to try to cover just my one on my wrist. No success but I asked them to just try on Marilyn because she is big. Well it is not going to work…I have freckles everywhere and in order for them to do it, I will have to makeup my whole friggin arm. Yeah, no thanks. Did I almost start to cry? maybe but It is bothering me. Yes I already know a response after people read this…I know I should have waited to get the one on my arm but guess what? I didn’t and I will live with that and show her at my wedding so don’t give me your speech. Now for some of you who don’t know me in person..I have 9 tattoos. 6 are visible in a tank top. My dress is sleeveless.

Daddy’s Little Girl with the Blue’s Brothers on my back, on the left

Family Tree on my right wrist

Marilyn Monroe on my right shoulder

Odi Et Amo (I hate and I love) on my back

Flower on my left collar-bone/shoulder

And no pictured is my four-leaf clover behind my ear. So that’s all my tattoos and they are not offensive, ugly, etc. but I still can dwell on it if I want!


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  1. Ok, being an outside party, this is how I see this. You are planning for your wedding day. You have a vision for your dress and “look” on your wedding day. The tattoos are not part of that vision. I get that. It has nothing to do with the tattoos. Kind of like if you were looking for an “up” do with your 50’s style dress and you did not have long locks, then you’d add a hair piece in order to create hair. It’s simple. Tattoos not part of your wedding ensemble look.
    So with that fixed.
    Please do tell me about your dress!!
    Also please remember, You do what you want to do on your wedding day, it is your day. Only you can make it the way you want it to be. It’s one day and it is a fun day, do it up the way you want it!!!

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