My Hair


Ok I decided in October when Anthony and I decided to get married that I would grow out my hair to possibly have an up-do. Well my hair is now at its awkward stage where I am so fed up with trying to do SOMETHING with it…anything at this point! Its long around my ears and curls around since I tuck it. It’s not long enough yet to put up in a small pony so I am stuck! I have been considering going to buy a straightener because it does look decent when straightened out. Well I have NEVER been someone to blow dry, curl, etc. my hair. I actually take really good care of it and its pretty soft and healthy. But I will show you me with long hair. Granted I am at one of my heaviest weights but this is me with my natural brown hair and its long and curled in this picture haha.

I have been thinking a lot about my hair today and how I don’t even feel like this is me anymore. I feel like I have left my long hair behind with my weight but then again…I don’t know what I look like skinner with long hair. The whole reason for me to want to grow it out was for that and because I saw a picture of a beautiful up-do for the wedding. I know this is about me and my decision but I always like imput….grow it until before the wedding and decide or cut it again?! Help!


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