Today is the day!


So today is the first day of the 5 day pouch test (5DPT). I am off to a semi rocky start. I have to say I chose to do this to reset my mind. I don’t believe this test “shrinks” your pouch or anything of that sort but mentally, I think this will help me. I make bad choices everyday with my food and it is not where I want to be anymore. I drink soda regularly, I eat rice daily, and I tend to eat sweets a lot. Not that I blame pregnancy but I think this started for me when the cravings for pregnancy kicked in. I honestly didn’t really watch what I ate. I pretty much ate the pizza hut pizza from taco bell once a day. I started making bad choices and it is followed me through the birth of Kennedy and haunting me 10 months later. But on a side note, I have to say I am lucky enough to have only gained 25 lbs with my pregnancy and honestly, my weight loss surgery helped that.

I stopped soda pre weight loss surgery and I continued that for almost a year after surgery. I never craved it. Well come pregnancy I randomly got a craving and caved. I get headaches if I don’t drink soda and that kind of grosses me out. I should NOT be here. I was doing SO well pre pregnancy. I ate 6x a day with very simple meals and once and awhile caved to a sweet. I want to be back there. I can’t be prefect and none of us are but I want to be healthier. As the marathon training will begin, I need to be healthy. I need to be strong and mentally if I am wore down with food then my training will not be successful. I was going to start running today but figured I should tackle one task at a time…lets get my food back up to par and then start running. I think I will be more successful instead of trying to do it all at once.

So back to my first day, this day is already rocky and its 10 am. I have a headache and I am starving. I hate the taste of protein shakes…it is super disgusting to me. I have NEVER supplemented my protein in the 2 1/2 years since surgery but I still get my 60-80 grams..I just eat high protein foods (meat, etc.) So day 1 and 2 are just strictly liquids. Protein shakes, protein soups. Well I actually have the books from Kaye Bailey (thanks to a giveaway by Tracy) and I have to say, I am such a picky eater. And if you ask anybody, I am not exaggerating. If you were around me daily, you could maybe understand Anthony’s pain haha. The protein shakes make me gag. I have a tried a few different kinds, brands, etc. They are griddy and the smell/taste just gets to me. So I turned to a trusted pal, Tracy (again) and she suggested the protein soups. Well looky again, my picky eater comes out. I am sure the recipes are great for people who like that stuff. I am already not a big fan of soup…I just have to be in a mood to eat it and my selection is very slim as to what I like. So the soup recipes weren’t very appealing to me either. So I am stuck. I did end up making a shake today using GNC Total Lean Rich Chocolate and made it more like a milkshake. It helps but I had to take a sip and then turn around and take a sip of water to even get it down. I drank about 4 oz of it before I had to stop. I added some cinnamon to cover the taste a tad and it was ok. I guess drinking part of a shake is way better than living off water because that isn’t all.

I am just trying to make it through these next two days and I will be ok. Day 3-5 you move slowly in the protein scale. I am thankful to say Anthony is doing it with me, even though he is not a baratric patient. He will be slightly different on days 3-5 because there are added rules in such that you sit down and you can only eat for 15 minutes. Also, you can’t drink anything 30 mins before a meal or 30 mins after. I have to say I have never followed that rule. It’s so hard for me but I will try very hard to follow it through the test and beyond.

On one last note, I decided my pouch needs a name. I mean it is part of me and it has to be super cool. Hmm, I will ponder this! I have never been able to come up with a good name!

Wish us luck on this test! I think I need to more than anybody doing it haha. If you are looking for another prospective on the test, Rob over at Former Fat Dudes is also doing the test starting today. Check out his blog!


My Hair


Ok I decided in October when Anthony and I decided to get married that I would grow out my hair to possibly have an up-do. Well my hair is now at its awkward stage where I am so fed up with trying to do SOMETHING with it…anything at this point! Its long around my ears and curls around since I tuck it. It’s not long enough yet to put up in a small pony so I am stuck! I have been considering going to buy a straightener because it does look decent when straightened out. Well I have NEVER been someone to blow dry, curl, etc. my hair. I actually take really good care of it and its pretty soft and healthy. But I will show you me with long hair. Granted I am at one of my heaviest weights but this is me with my natural brown hair and its long and curled in this picture haha.

I have been thinking a lot about my hair today and how I don’t even feel like this is me anymore. I feel like I have left my long hair behind with my weight but then again…I don’t know what I look like skinner with long hair. The whole reason for me to want to grow it out was for that and because I saw a picture of a beautiful up-do for the wedding. I know this is about me and my decision but I always like imput….grow it until before the wedding and decide or cut it again?! Help!

Crawling Her Way to Freedom


I must say goodbye to peeing by myself….Kennedy crawled for the first time last night. Anthony and I were both standing there and she just randomly went back about 5x and then sat up. I am so excited we were both home to see it because honestly, I was going to be a little peeved if he saw it and I didn’t and I am sure he felt the same way. I have to say that we have both had our shares of firsts separately with her and although, as a mom, you want to see them all, I am glad he has seen some himself with her. But crawling and walking? way bigger deal for both of us to see her do it together. So that is how Kennedy started out her new year and ours!! I am excited for whats in store and maybe I will be biting my tongue later for saying that but I am! I have a feeling she won’t be crawling long though, she would much rather walk and she isn’t too terribly far away.

Now back to peeing by myself, well I know that this would soon come to an end. I have read about it on other mommy blogs where you can’t even go get a tissue without child in tow. Well I know that Kennedy will be that child because she whimpers sometimes if you walk behind a wall for 2 seconds! So as she begins the adventure of getting the hang of moving around, my days are shortened. Maybe I will start peeing with the door closed for these last few times because lets be honest, we have to listen for anything and if I am home with just Anthony or Kennedy, I totally pee with the door open.

And I hope everyone had a safe new year and enjoy what 2012 has in store!

Goodbye 2011


I wanted to write a farewell post to 2011. It was a pretty great year for me and my new family. The best part of 2011? The birth of Ms. Kennedy Madison on March 10th.

  (not the best picture of me because I am drugged up! lol)

This year has been a great one to watch Kennedy grow and I look forward to 2012 and all the great things ahead of us. Anthony & I’s wedding is October 13th, 2012 and Kennedy turns 1 in March. But I also look forward to the marathons, eating habits changes, and everything positive in my life. So wishing you and yours a happy new year!!

The New Year


So as the new year approaches, I am going to make some changes in my life! I think we are usually good about New Year’s Resolutions for about a month (maybe) and then we dwindle back into back habits. I am determined to not let that happen this upcoming year!! So these are my major changes I want to make..


1. Swearing. I have the mouth of a sailor and Kennedy is getting older. I want to stop swearing or at least not in front of her. She doesn’t know what I am saying now but soon she will be repeating me. I don’t need her to be saying some of the things I do!!

2.Weight Loss. I am doing the 5 day pouch test starting next Monday with Anthony and I am doing it to get back on track. I don’t eat like I should and I need to get back to the basics of a new weight loss surgery patient!

3.Exercise. Starting next Monday, I begin training for the Denver Rock N’ Roll Marathon as well as the Colorado Colfax Relay Marathon. I am determined to do this and Anthony is my partner in crime. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. It may be slow in January since I just want to get back into running shape. I haven’t run since September.


Those are enough changes that I think this next year will bring as well as getting in shape for my wedding!!


So what are all of you striving for this upcoming year?

Covering My Tattoos


Ok So I have been talking about this lately and I want to clear up this whole tattoo thing. Yes, I want to cover my tattoos for our wedding in October 2012. Why? Because honestly, they are distracting. Let me clear up some responses people have given me:

1. I am not ashamed of them or worried about people seeing them. I don’t hide them ever. (I wear tank tops in the summer)

2. Yes, I am getting married in the Catholic church but it is not because of that.

3. Anthony DOES NOT think I should cover them so he has nothing to do with it.

4. I am not worried about being judged. Pfft, really? I could give two shits what people think because the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind, don’t matter!

So I couldn’t think of any more things that have been asked/said to me. I want to do it because my portrait of Marilyn Monroe is distracting. She will be facing the church I feel like she will take away from me and my dress. It is probably selfish and Anthony says I am overacting…and maybe I am but it is REALLY bothering me. We went to Sephora this weekend for them to try to cover just my one on my wrist. No success but I asked them to just try on Marilyn because she is big. Well it is not going to work…I have freckles everywhere and in order for them to do it, I will have to makeup my whole friggin arm. Yeah, no thanks. Did I almost start to cry? maybe but It is bothering me. Yes I already know a response after people read this…I know I should have waited to get the one on my arm but guess what? I didn’t and I will live with that and show her at my wedding so don’t give me your speech. Now for some of you who don’t know me in person..I have 9 tattoos. 6 are visible in a tank top. My dress is sleeveless.

Daddy’s Little Girl with the Blue’s Brothers on my back, on the left

Family Tree on my right wrist

Marilyn Monroe on my right shoulder

Odi Et Amo (I hate and I love) on my back

Flower on my left collar-bone/shoulder

And no pictured is my four-leaf clover behind my ear. So that’s all my tattoos and they are not offensive, ugly, etc. but I still can dwell on it if I want!