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Sickness Running Through The Veins


This past week was full of sickness and snow! I will start with the sickness! Man have I been run down!!! Anthony got sick first which I was hoping since Kennedy and I hadn’t been around him, we were safe…wrong! His was a stomach flu, mine is a bad cold and Kennedy is just not feeling well. I am guessing possible stomach ache and a clogged nose but she got the least of it, which is better! The first day I felt like hell and its progressively getting better but still not 100% yet!! I didn’t excercise at all this past week and I am blah but I am committed to at least going to walk on the treadmill for a few miles to get some juices moving and I need to walk over to the store later so that will help get some fresh air and I am hoping it warms up a little (snow flurries today).

So this past week, while recovering, we got hit with a blizzard on Friday. 19″ of snow last I read for here. I love snow and I was so excited 🙂 Kennedy also enjoyed it!

She loves the snow 🙂