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Today is the day!


So today is the first day of the 5 day pouch test (5DPT). I am off to a semi rocky start. I have to say I chose to do this to reset my mind. I don’t believe this test “shrinks” your pouch or anything of that sort but mentally, I think this will help me. I make bad choices everyday with my food and it is not where I want to be anymore. I drink soda regularly, I eat rice daily, and I tend to eat sweets a lot. Not that I blame pregnancy but I think this started for me when the cravings for pregnancy kicked in. I honestly didn’t really watch what I ate. I pretty much ate the pizza hut pizza from taco bell once a day. I started making bad choices and it is followed me through the birth of Kennedy and haunting me 10 months later. But on a side note, I have to say I am lucky enough to have only gained 25 lbs with my pregnancy and honestly, my weight loss surgery helped that.

I stopped soda pre weight loss surgery and I continued that for almost a year after surgery. I never craved it. Well come pregnancy I randomly got a craving and caved. I get headaches if I don’t drink soda and that kind of grosses me out. I should NOT be here. I was doing SO well pre pregnancy. I ate 6x a day with very simple meals and once and awhile caved to a sweet. I want to be back there. I can’t be prefect and none of us are but I want to be healthier. As the marathon training will begin, I need to be healthy. I need to be strong and mentally if I am wore down with food then my training will not be successful. I was going to start running today but figured I should tackle one task at a time…lets get my food back up to par and then start running. I think I will be more successful instead of trying to do it all at once.

So back to my first day, this day is already rocky and its 10 am. I have a headache and I am starving. I hate the taste of protein shakes…it is super disgusting to me. I have NEVER supplemented my protein in the 2 1/2 years since surgery but I still get my 60-80 grams..I just eat high protein foods (meat, etc.) So day 1 and 2 are just strictly liquids. Protein shakes, protein soups. Well I actually have the books from Kaye Bailey (thanks to a giveaway by Tracy) and I have to say, I am such a picky eater. And if you ask anybody, I am not exaggerating. If you were around me daily, you could maybe understand Anthony’s pain haha. The protein shakes make me gag. I have a tried a few different kinds, brands, etc. They are griddy and the smell/taste just gets to me. So I turned to a trusted pal, Tracy (again) and she suggested the protein soups. Well looky again, my picky eater comes out. I am sure the recipes are great for people who like that stuff. I am already not a big fan of soup…I just have to be in a mood to eat it and my selection is very slim as to what I like. So the soup recipes weren’t very appealing to me either. So I am stuck. I did end up making a shake today using GNC Total Lean Rich Chocolate and made it more like a milkshake. It helps but I had to take a sip and then turn around and take a sip of water to even get it down. I drank about 4 oz of it before I had to stop. I added some cinnamon to cover the taste a tad and it was ok. I guess drinking part of a shake is way better than living off water because that isn’t healthy..at all.

I am just trying to make it through these next two days and I will be ok. Day 3-5 you move slowly in the protein scale. I am thankful to say Anthony is doing it with me, even though he is not a baratric patient. He will be slightly different on days 3-5 because there are added rules in such that you sit down and you can only eat for 15 minutes. Also, you can’t drink anything 30 mins before a meal or 30 mins after. I have to say I have never followed that rule. It’s so hard for me but I will try very hard to follow it through the test and beyond.

On one last note, I decided my pouch needs a name. I mean it is part of me and it has to be super cool. Hmm, I will ponder this! I have never been able to come up with a good name!

Wish us luck on this test! I think I need to more than anybody doing it haha. If you are looking for another prospective on the test, Rob over at Former Fat Dudes is also doing the test starting today. Check out his blog!


Goodbye 2011


I wanted to write a farewell post to 2011. It was a pretty great year for me and my new family. The best part of 2011? The birth of Ms. Kennedy Madison on March 10th.

  (not the best picture of me because I am drugged up! lol)

This year has been a great one to watch Kennedy grow and I look forward to 2012 and all the great things ahead of us. Anthony & I’s wedding is October 13th, 2012 and Kennedy turns 1 in March. But I also look forward to the marathons, eating habits changes, and everything positive in my life. So wishing you and yours a happy new year!!

My Background


OK since this has been brought up twice in one day in two different occasion, I want to talk about it. I have a story…well I know we all do and mine happens to be super long and complicated. I am not going into large detail as some things don’t need to be on my blog for all the universe to see but I think I am ready to share a little background.

I was raised by my paternal grandparents. That is mom and dad. When I reference my mom, she is actually my grandma and when I talk about my dad, it is my grandfather. I believe mom and dad are terms for the people who raise you, maybe not so much the people who had a part in conception. I was never legally adopted but my mom did get legal guardianship. I was taken from my birth place in Killeen, Texas to Canisteo, NY when I was a mere 8 days old and this is where I would grow up.

Ok let’s skip all the growing up stuff because it really isn’t relevant to why I am writing this. So my real mom, Janice, died in 2000(I was 12). I didn’t know her. I knew she existed because I was aware of my situation but I have never had a conversation with her. So when I turned 18 (2006), I received money from her death. (PS-never give large amounts of money to an irresponsible 18-year-old child) I also received papers from the court, which I found out I have two half brothers and another relative of hers (her cousin who handled the court proceedings). I have never tried to contact my brothers because they are younger and at the time, still underage. They are now 20 and 18.

I know nothing about my mother’s side of the family. I don’t know medical history. I don’t know if my grandparents are even alive or even a name. I know nothing. I felt the urge to know and I have wanted to know for some time but never did anything about it. Well tonight I reached out to my twitter followers for some advice. Obviously Facebook is easy to “stalk” someone if you know their names. Well I decided to look them up…found them! Ok now what? Well I asked for advice.

Thanks to Liz and Laura, they told me go for it…so I did! I sent a Facebook message to both of them. I feel kind of lame for sending a message over Facebook but really how else can I contact them? If they don’t contact me back, that is ok too. They don’t have to want to talk to me or even tell me anything. I hope they do (maybe someday), I would like to know my mother’s side. Well lets see if their backfires or works…





In a side note: I found my wedding dress this weekend! but that’s for another post 😉

It’s Official!



October 13th, 2012.


I’m excited to finally be officially married, not that we don’t have a beautiful daughter together and we are already a family but it means more than a piece of paper. I’m excited to dress in white and walk down the aisle. Planning is already semi overwhelming because of all the little details but I’m excited!!

Any tips/advice to make planning easier?

Back to the Grind




So we are back, back to Colorado and reality. I love to visit home and my family but its also nice to be back here. I love the rocky mountains and the nice cool Colorado air. Kennedy did pretty well for flying for the first time. I think she likes it like mommy does!!

Kennedy got to meet some great people this week, like her Uncle Doug (pictured). Such an awesome man and I’m SO happy he was able to come and meet Kennedy. And of course all her other aunts, uncles, cousins and of course Grandpa! (pictured)

I had some really good laughs, a few too many drinks, and I miss you guys back home! Cheers to beers!