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Nap Restarting


I know you read the title and you were confused…nap restarting? What in the heck is that? Well its my name for what Kennedy does to me every couple of weeks. We have to restart her love to nap alone. OK I probably just confused you…let me back track a little. Kennedy does not like to be rocked, held, cuddled, etc. She is a lone ranger when it comes to going to sleep. She always has been (well minus the first month of her life when mommy was so tired that Kennedy slept on my chest a lot in the middle of the night..opps?) Anyway, every few weeks Kennedy needs a little help loving her naps by herself again. What she does is she gets SO over tired I have to basically take a nap with her because she refuses to sleep in her crib. She is already a tough kid to lay down for a nap…she fights tooth and nail to not have to sleep in the middle of the day. She is odd because at night, she is out like a light. She goes to sleep with little issue.


Well guess what today was? Nap restarting day!


This takes about 45-1 hour to complete with her. I have to get her binkie and her blanket and go into Mommy and Daddy’s bed and fight her to sleep. I have to sing “You are my sunshine” and “twinkle twinkle little star” 20x each, tickle her face, and force her to keep her blanket near her somewhere because she likes to hold it when she sleeps. This is a huge ordeal. I can get her relaxed and any slightest move from the dog or the cat, shes wide awake again. Oh and all this is happening usually while she is screaming her head off and pulling her binkie out of her mouth every 2 seconds. Well today was slightly different, she wasn’t screaming but I got her very relaxed but she wasn’t going to sleep. I thought maybe I read the signals wrong (besides the fact she has only slept an hour today) so I pulled the whole “fake sleeping mommy” trick. I laid there with my eyes almost shut ( I had to watch her) and waited. She tossed and turned, tried to play with my lip ring, and then finally fell asleep…only after I did! I sometimes nap with her but usually I get out of there ASAP. She kicks….really hard. But I fell asleep. I woke up with drool on my hand. Yeah lovely picture huh? I was “fake sleeping” but really did fall asleep.




I am such an amateur.


The Scream



So a blog I follow, Scary Mommy , posted about a child having a fit on her Facebook this morning and how she was glad it wasn’t hers for once. Well I have to say I usually agree with that statement. I see kids throwing fits (I work in a kids clothing store) so sometimes I sit back and think *thank god it isn’t my kid* but Miss Kennedy will have her day…which I think is going to be sooner than later. She has the scream.

Ok so the scream is her way of being pissed at 7 months old. It is SO high pitch, I think my ears bleed. She does it when you take something away, when she thinks you are ignoring her or just because she feels like it but its extremely unpleasant. Yes, she’s our only child but I don’t think she is spoiled. I know I’m her mom but I do tell her no ( she may not fully understand) and we don’t give her everything she reaches for but I have no way to stop this scream. She is a very calm baby. She doesnt really cry unless she’s hurt and she laughs and smiles all the time. She is loving and easy going…except when shes mad!

Well I guess my day will continue with high pitch screams and beatuiful smiles.

Please let her not be a terrible toddler!

I did it!!!



Ok I’m almost a week late on this blog post, be gentle! Lol but drum roll please..


I am so excited to say I did it! I finished in about 40 minutes (it wasn’t timed but Anthony helped kinda keep track) but I was in the competitive wave(only one there is out of like 20 waves?) There was about 17(I think) of us in my wave ranging in ALL ages and I finished 14th(I think). I am proud of myself. I did NOT finish last, I NEVER walked and I did ALL the obstacles. There were 11 obstacles in the 3.1 miles, including a 6ft wall, water pit and cargo net(maybe 10ft tall). It was fun and I got dirty! I will be doing it again next year and maybe this time I won’t compete…unlikely! Lol

I want to thank Anthony and Corina for getting up at 4am to drive there and watch me compete! It meant a lot to have you at the finish line with me and I am so grateful! Love you both.

Now I shall work towards another goal. 10k?? Well my slow ass needs to get a little faster thats for sure 🙂

And congrats to the 14 year old girl who got 1st place. She kicked butt! She was ripped and ready to go! And she told us she got 2nd in the Warrior Dash for her age. Well rock on runner chick 🙂

Running, Running, Running!


Running!! Who in their right mind would have EVER thought I would be running…for fun? Yeah, its an insane concept. I never thought so either. I mean WHY would anyone choose to run when they don’t have to?

Because its an awesome feeling! I love it. I found a trail here in town that is so beautiful. It’s full of beautiful big trees, a small stream, and some very friendly people. I feel like I can just run and enjoy what’s around me. Kennedy loves to go with me, I think being outside calms her. I can’t forget Ember either! She loves to go running with us because what black lab doesn’t want to burn some energy?

But seriously, I recommend running to keep your sanity! It’s a huge stress reliever. I am NOT fast, not even a little but I do it. I do it to feel better about myself. To feel calm. But I also do it because my bucket list includes me running a marathon and eventually, a 100 mile race. Yes, you read that correctly..a 100 mile race.

I started wanting to run a marathon a while ago. It would feel amazing to finish that because it is a huge test of ability and mental state. I want to be tested and especially now being a stay at home mom during the day, my mind is filled with baby talk and mindless things. I want to feel that accomplishment to say, I did it!

Now I have been training for a 5k because we all have to start somewhere! I have been using an app on my Andriod called C25K or Couch to 5k. It rocks! You don’t have to have an Android or iPhone, you can upload it on your iPod and off you go! It’s pretty helpful since it starts you off pretty slow and eventually you end with a 30 minute long run in week 9. It’s 9 weeks training with running every other day. I like it a lot! It prompts you over your music to run or walk, it tells you when you are halfway done and when you have 2 minutes left(which are the longest two minutes of your life!). If you want to take up running, please do it slowly so you don’t hurt yourself.

But if any of you Colorado girls wants to run a 5k, I’m running in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s an obstacle course 5k run. Hey go big or go home right?! It is a girls only run with a mud crawl at the end! It raises money for breast cancer and you get some pretty cool stuff! Check them out on Facebook! They have pictures from the WI run this past weekend!! Or follow them on Twitter!

I’ll post pictures after I complete my run on September 24th,2011 in Calhan,CO!!

Happy running!