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Being MIA


So my apologizes about being MIA! My laptop died, well it won’t charge anymore. I think it’s the charger but I don’t have another to compare. So here we are. I finished the 5DPT and did great I think! It was helpful to get back on track. I have had no soda or rice! Yay for me! I am craving soda terribly but I haven’t given in!!! I am trying my best to stay on track. I have been eating better and I am actually 182 lbs!!! I started the pouch test at 190 lbs and although this wasn’t about weight loss, I am still very happy with the weight I have lost! I will reach 170 lbs..I will!!


I did it!!!



Ok I’m almost a week late on this blog post, be gentle! Lol but drum roll please..


I am so excited to say I did it! I finished in about 40 minutes (it wasn’t timed but Anthony helped kinda keep track) but I was in the competitive wave(only one there is out of like 20 waves?) There was about 17(I think) of us in my wave ranging in ALL ages and I finished 14th(I think). I am proud of myself. I did NOT finish last, I NEVER walked and I did ALL the obstacles. There were 11 obstacles in the 3.1 miles, including a 6ft wall, water pit and cargo net(maybe 10ft tall). It was fun and I got dirty! I will be doing it again next year and maybe this time I won’t compete…unlikely! Lol

I want to thank Anthony and Corina for getting up at 4am to drive there and watch me compete! It meant a lot to have you at the finish line with me and I am so grateful! Love you both.

Now I shall work towards another goal. 10k?? Well my slow ass needs to get a little faster thats for sure 🙂

And congrats to the 14 year old girl who got 1st place. She kicked butt! She was ripped and ready to go! And she told us she got 2nd in the Warrior Dash for her age. Well rock on runner chick 🙂