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Alright its been a few weeks and life was a little busy for a second. I was working more hours (yay!) and obviously taking care of Kennedy and then wedding planning makes me drained sometimes. Thinking about everything that needs to be paid for, planned, etc. Honestly, I now understand why people hire other people to do this for them and if I was rich, I totally would! We have major stuff done- reception place, photographer, dj, flowers. I have picked out other important things and I have finalized decisions on the bridesmaids. But all the little things are what get me! I can’t stand this. Really in 20 years is it going to matter what fucking color the flower girls pedals are? or what shoes my bridesmaids are wearing? or how their hair was? PROBABLY NOT! I am very good about being easy about things and going with the flow because I know it won’t matter to me and actually, it doesn’t really matter to me now. I know that things need to coordinate, etc. and I want it to be nice but when I am walking down the aisle, do you think I am paying attention to what color flowers I am stepping on? NO. I am focused on 1st- not falling and 2nd- reaching the altar to marry my fiance! So that’s my feeling on the wedding stuff lately haha!

I have been working out and running and so far its been ok. I ran 3 miles on my birthday (23rd of Jan) in about 31 mins. It’s not very fast but I say its pretty damn good for someone who hasn’t run in 4 months! I have been also lifting weights and  eating healthier. I jumped on the bad food bandwagon this weekend and needs to hop off! I slipped a little but I am back to the good stuff! I know that I need to get faster for the marathon because they shut down the course if you don’t make it in time, you are screwed. I wish I knew how to get faster but maybe it will come in time. I will keep you posted!

In other news, if you are NOT on the support call with Tracy & other fabulous people, you need to be! It’s such a great support and I really look forward to talking to this wonderful ladies every week!! If you need more information go to her website or you can always contact me.

And that is my update for now. I am working on getting back into blogging more. I need to only devote a certain amount of time each day to the wedding or I could be looking at stuff for hours, which is NOT a good idea for me haha! And pinterest is the best idea in the whole world, end of story! lol


PS- Today is Anthony & I’s 3rd year anniversary and I have to say I didn’t think I would be a mom now but I love every minute and I love him. I am excited to get married to this man and I am excited for all the things to come!


Wedding Wedding Wedding


Alright so if you are a frequent blog reader or a personal friend, you know Anthony and I are getting married October 13th,2012. O.M.G I am overwhelmed. Who likes to do this shit?! Well obviously wedding planners do but seriously?! I am so over my head with decisions. I need to find a way to do one thing at a time. I also need to stop looking at all these different options. I find one I like, say out of 10. Then I go to another website and find 10 more ideas. I am needing to limit myself in where I look and how much I look because if I have to look at 100 things and decide, I feel more overwhelmed. For example: The invitations. I looked at one website and really found ones I loved and that I would be very happy with. Then went to another website and found 20 more I liked. I clicked off the second website and I actually had this conversation with Anthony because if I give myself 100 options, It will take me 100 years to decide which one I “love” the most. Invitations are important to me because they reflect your wedding, your attire and even though people throw them away, they matter. BUT I should not spent 100 years deciding on the friggin invitations! That’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I feel this way about everything though. I have been frequent to www.theknot.com and love their site! BUT I find some ideas that I like and then the next day another article comes out with more ideas that I love. I really need to stay away from this type of websites because I am given too many ideas. I have a vision of a unique wedding but nothing too extravagant. I want fun things that the guests will remember but I also don’t want to break the bank trying to do too many things. I am a simple person but your wedding day is kinda a big deal lol. I have to say that huge stuff is done. Reception place has been under contract since October or November. We have the church booked and we are working with the photographer/DJ currently on their contract and we should be booked by next week. We also are in contact with someone about flowers and invitations. So really all that’s left is the little stuff—which is kicking my ass!


I am also starting to second guess my dress choice. I haven’t ordered it yet and maybe to make myself feel better I will try some more to make sure but I think I am doubting it because I am just so wanting it to “perfect” blah blah blah. I love my dress I picked but everyone has said you will get the “I know” feeling right away and I didn’t have that but I do love the dress on me, etc. Maybe I just was distracted when I was trying it on, there was a lot going on and Kennedy was there- not the perfect situation lol. Well I know it will get better once I find away to organize my decisions.

Covering My Tattoos


Ok So I have been talking about this lately and I want to clear up this whole tattoo thing. Yes, I want to cover my tattoos for our wedding in October 2012. Why? Because honestly, they are distracting. Let me clear up some responses people have given me:

1. I am not ashamed of them or worried about people seeing them. I don’t hide them ever. (I wear tank tops in the summer)

2. Yes, I am getting married in the Catholic church but it is not because of that.

3. Anthony DOES NOT think I should cover them so he has nothing to do with it.

4. I am not worried about being judged. Pfft, really? I could give two shits what people think because the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind, don’t matter!

So I couldn’t think of any more things that have been asked/said to me. I want to do it because my portrait of Marilyn Monroe is distracting. She will be facing the church I feel like she will take away from me and my dress. It is probably selfish and Anthony says I am overacting…and maybe I am but it is REALLY bothering me. We went to Sephora this weekend for them to try to cover just my one on my wrist. No success but I asked them to just try on Marilyn because she is big. Well it is not going to work…I have freckles everywhere and in order for them to do it, I will have to makeup my whole friggin arm. Yeah, no thanks. Did I almost start to cry? maybe but It is bothering me. Yes I already know a response after people read this…I know I should have waited to get the one on my arm but guess what? I didn’t and I will live with that and show her at my wedding so don’t give me your speech. Now for some of you who don’t know me in person..I have 9 tattoos. 6 are visible in a tank top. My dress is sleeveless.

Daddy’s Little Girl with the Blue’s Brothers on my back, on the left

Family Tree on my right wrist

Marilyn Monroe on my right shoulder

Odi Et Amo (I hate and I love) on my back

Flower on my left collar-bone/shoulder

And no pictured is my four-leaf clover behind my ear. So that’s all my tattoos and they are not offensive, ugly, etc. but I still can dwell on it if I want!

Here we go…


I want to lose more weight. I am about 20 lbs from my WLS goal. 170 is perfect for me. I am about 189. I want to be 170 by next year for the wedding. Is it possible? I don’t know. I have all my skin and let’s be honest here…I love rice, bread, soda and chocolate. Otherwise, I don’t eat TOO horribly. I don’t drink protein shakes or use proton powder…it is absolutely disgusting! I don’t have the money to go crazy buying every brand to try flavors, etc. Sooo here I am. 2 years out and needing to kick start my weight loss again by going back to the basics!

Any good suggestions to getting back on track?! Good apps to track food/carbs/etc. ?

It’s Official!



October 13th, 2012.


I’m excited to finally be officially married, not that we don’t have a beautiful daughter together and we are already a family but it means more than a piece of paper. I’m excited to dress in white and walk down the aisle. Planning is already semi overwhelming because of all the little details but I’m excited!!

Any tips/advice to make planning easier?