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Here we go…


I want to lose more weight. I am about 20 lbs from my WLS goal. 170 is perfect for me. I am about 189. I want to be 170 by next year for the wedding. Is it possible? I don’t know. I have all my skin and let’s be honest here…I love rice, bread, soda and chocolate. Otherwise, I don’t eat TOO horribly. I don’t drink protein shakes or use proton powder…it is absolutely disgusting! I don’t have the money to go crazy buying every brand to try flavors, etc. Sooo here I am. 2 years out and needing to kick start my weight loss again by going back to the basics!

Any good suggestions to getting back on track?! Good apps to track food/carbs/etc. ?


Why I had gastric bypass


Me in June of 2009

So I get asked by new friends/coworkers/strangers why I decided to have gastric bypass. Some people judge, some people are truly curious and others just feel the need to ask. Here is MY list of reasons that I chose WLS.

1. To live longer. Well this seems obvious now doesn’t it? I decided to have surgery a little before my 21st birthday. I was well over 300lb and so unhappy. I didn’t have anything medically wrong with me…yet! I didn’t want to found out what it was like to have medical issues.

2. I didn’t want to be fat and pregnant. Ok you read that and though What the heck? It’s true. I didn’t want to be fat and carry a child. I wanted people to know I was pregnant…which BTW, didn’t happen even after 115 lbs lost! I never looked pregnant when I actually was..lame!

3. I was unhappy. Well besides the fact of living longer, I was truly unhappy. If you have never been bigger in size then you cannot understand but people treat you differently when you are fat. You are looked down on and made fun of.

4. I wanted to ride roller coasters. I have a huge passion for roller coasters. The thrill is amazing. I went to Cedar Point, which has some of the tallest roller coaster in the world, and I couldn’t ride because I was too fat. How disappointing as well as embarrassing.

Day of surgery August 2009

5.My mom always wanted me to be thin. Ok I know some people had major childhood issues with their parents and such but this isn’t the case. She just wanted me to be healthy, she didn’t agree with WLS but she hated to see the repercussions of me being big my whole life. She never picked on me or talked down to me but I have tremendous respect for my mom, who passed before I had WLS.

6.I was sick of the “fat” one. Again, if you have never been fat then you don’t understand but being young and always being the fat friend pretty much sucks! As well as being the 3rd wheel everywhere!

7. No diets ever worked. I have tried so many diets, its gross. They never worked. Besides the fact of sticking to one longer than 2 months, I never saw results.

8. It’s just my personality. If you truly know me, you know that I’m impatient. I will be the first to admit it, I just hate waiting. This can go along with number 7 but I need results, fast. I knew RNY was for me because 90-100 lbs lost in 6 months? Let me climb on board! This is also a little in site as to why I chose RNY over lap band.

April 2011

So that’s my list of major reasons I had surgery. You may think some are dumb and some are obvious. Weather you have had any sort of WLS or are thinking about it, weather you are thin or heavy…there are reasons for everything you do. Some are big, some are small but I would never change a thing. I am so glad I had WLS and I am now healthier.